13 Jun 2019

International Land Measurement Standards published

Posted13 Jun 2019

International Land Measurement Standards published

ILMS is an international principle-based standard for land and property information, seeking to reduce risk in land and real property surveying and promote better land governance, robust conveyancing, secure lending and land registration.

In this first edition, the International Land Measurement Standard focuses on the information required for due diligence for land and real property surveying.

The ILMS sets a standard for assembling land information that can be applied consistently across projects, local, regional, state, national or international scales. ILMS provides a due diligence structure for the collection and collation of land and real property surveying information. It has been designed to be applicable for both data rich and data poor environments. Furthermore, the standards are able to incorporate all types of tenure arrangements and acknowledge various rights related to a land parcel.

Prior to leaving on maternity leave, Kate Fairlie was an active member of the Standard Setting Committee (SSC). Congratulations to all those involved on the achievement, and we’re looking forward to seeing the ILMS adopted in practice.

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