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Value for money is essential when delivering international development assistance through program, project and facility management, so that the impact of assistance most effectively flows through to beneficiaries.  

LEI prioritises the establishment of practical procedures for project management, financial management, personnel mobilisation, procurement and reporting, combined with regular monitoring and evaluation. Integral to our approach is planning, coordinating and liaising with the client and project stakeholders to ensure most accepted and effective services are being delivered. With minimal effort, we are able to frequently adapt our systems and project procedures to respond to new and a wide range of client needs, while ensuring we meet and maintain our ISO 9001:2015 Project Management accreditation.

LEI consciously manages programs to ensure flexible and effective communication with client and core counterparts, as proven by our straight six (top) score rating on a client evaluation. 

Risks associated with project implementation can be reduced greatly with the engagement of an experienced project management team and the adoption of proven project management systems. Risk mitigation and reporting is taken seriously, and regularly monitored and reported. LEI is proficient at establishing local project management teams, with backstopping provided by the LEI head office.

LEI has proven compliant and impactful grant management experience, managing grant funds from US$250,000 over 40 months, to US$6M over 3 years. We prescribe grant funds with a strictly guided operations manual, regular internal audits and annual external auditing. We have found coaching clinics on technical, administrative and financial matters ensure partners have strengthened capacity and strategies to achieve strong technical outcomes and improved financial project management. Close grant oversight has produced strong results in LEI’s grant facility management and improved end-of program outcomes.

In Australia, LEI uses recognised accounting software, maintains double entry standards and provides each project office with dedicated financial management oversight. LEI employ clear segregation of duties at both head office and project offices between data entry and payment authorisations, as well as monthly bank reconciliation. LEI maintain independent financial audits conducted annually.

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