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It’s become clear that the land sector has a pressing challenge to break out of our own echo chamber. As professionals, we routinely write for and present to each other at events around the world.

At LEI, we recognise the need to further our engagement with the wider landscape of professionals and actors whose work has daily land sector impacts. Whether specialists in governance, forestry or municipal financing, or experts in sustainable livelihoods, megaprojects or infrastructure financing – it is imperative that we seek common ground and clearly state how land sector knowledge and geospatial information can impact sustainable development. 

LEI is aware of the marketing problem that the land sector has. We recognise that we have a critical role to play in providing the necessary thought leadership to bridge existing silos and ultimately see sustainable development in action. 

We have played a significant role thus far in active research and international dialogue around leading practice innovations and tools in land governance. Our work includes: 

Our international and national research informs policy and prioritises seeing results put into practice. But we know we need to do more to achieve interdisciplinary recognition for land sector needs. We hope that we can bring you along with us on this journey. 

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