Valuation & Taxation

“The built environment represents up to 70% of global wealth”

Urban centres already account for 55% of the global population, with this figure expected to swell towards 68% by 2050 (UN reports) – in real terms, meaning an additional 2 billion urban residents. To support this growth, with foresight and equity in mind, there is a need to ensure access to secure tenure, with reliable geospatial records that underpin planning and policy. 

A person’s right, and their restrictions and responsibilities for holding secure tenure within a formal market system come with attached costs, particularly when these are linked to ongoing services and high land values. Revenue generated from land and property taxes can provide national and local governments with an important source of funding for investments in infrastructure and services. LEI consults with governments to develop valuation systems that provide fair, affordable and transparent valuations to all land holders.  

We offer services associated with:

  • Property valuation and taxation
  • Tax mapping
  • Local government revenue collection, and
  • Mass appraisal and municipal finance.

LEI can assist with:

  • Valuation standards development
  • Valuation guidelines and procedures establishment
  • Valuation information systems development (advising on software and systems development)
  • Capacity development and training in support of sound valuation and taxation principles, and
  • Designing the legal and regulatory frameworks necessary to support efficient, transparent and equitable valuations.

As an example of the economic impact of our work, in Lao PDR, LEI introduced a transparent manual and computer-based Valuation Information System which provided the government with a 450% increase in revenue over a five-year period in the country’s capital municipality of Vientiane. 

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