Kate Rickersey, Dr

Kate Rickersey, Dr

Managing Director

Specialist Area
Land administration systems, land policy and cross-cutting issues, project management, business development

Managing Director of LEI with over 17 years’ experience across the full lifecycle of land administration projects, Dr Kate Rickersey is a driven and energetic leader with a passion for translating policy into action.

Kate grew with LEI’s multi-functional service areas from research, project design, and consulting through to project management. Prior to taking on the Managing Director role in 2018, Kate spent 4 years at the Mekong Region Land Governance project team leader, honing her leadership style and relationship building expertise with the Phase 1, US$16.5M, multi-donor funded project. As team leader,  Kate was based in Vientiane, and oversaw 25 project staff across four national offices, managing interventions with government, academia, the private sector and civil society across four countries and establishing and overseeing an “innovation” and “quick disbursement” $6M grant facility.

An experienced and innovative facilitator, Kate led the preparation, design, coordination and presentations for the MRLG and FAO co-hosted Regional Land Forum in Bangkok attended by almost 300 people. Previously, she co-designed and delivered the World Bank study on Governance in Land Administration, the foundation for the Land Governance Assessment Framework.

Kate continues to build LEI’s business opportunities and provide key project management and technical backstopping roles across LEI’s projects. She grounds her work with her strong technical, thematic and project management experience across land administration, customary tenure, systematic regularisation, social and gender safeguarding, governance and evaluation. Kate has provided strategic technical advice on many LEI projects in Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific and South East Asia and has contributed to the development of core land tools, including LGAF, the Costing and Financing of Land Administration Systems and Public Private Partnerships for Land Administration. 

Kate holds a doctorate in Land Administration from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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