Costing and Financing Land Administration Services (CoFLAS)

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April 2013 – June 2014

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Research & Analysis

Land Administration

CoFLAS - a useful and practical methodology (tool) whereby the costing and financing of land administration services (CoFLAS) in developing countries can be reformed and modernised.

Project Narrative

This project was part of the Global Land Tool Network’s (GLTN) commitment to developing 18 key land tools to address poverty and land issues at the country level. The project supported the development of one of these tools referred to as: “modernising the land agencies budgetary approach”. The aim of the tool was to develop a methodology that would improve the costing and financing of land (administration) services in developing countries.

Key services provided

LEI critically analysed and extracted information on the cost and financing of land administration services in various country contexts. LEI carried out desk study research, reviewed and updated a previous report and developed a questionnaire and methodology for analysing the costing and financing of land administration models that result in improved service delivery. LEI oversaw data collection from 8 country case studies and collated lessons learnt, and organised and lead the process of peer reviewing and validating the methodology through expert group meetings.

LEI provided recommendations on the most appropriate, cost effective costing models for donors, clients, government institutions to consider when developing strategies for improvements towards land administration services.

The methodology and publication can be found on the GLTN website here.

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