Real Estate – Basis for National and EU Policies (RAS TA)

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World Bank

Project Timeframe

May 2013 - January 2015

Key Services

Land Systems

Governance, Policy & Institutional Strengthening

The program development objective of the RAS TA was to strengthen Romania’s National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration (“the ANCPI”) capacity to improve its policy, regulatory and institutional framework.

This was achieved through provision of technical assistance consisting of a multi-disciplinary review of the real estate system in Romania informing development of strategy for land registration and the revision of ANCPI’s legal and institutional framework. The expected outcome was a draft strategy, and legislative projects in support of draft legislation and plans to improving coverage, efficiency, service delivery, and responsiveness of real estate registration in Romania.

The role of LEI’s Systematic Registration Expert was to provide advisory services to support the World Bank team and the ANCPI in preparing the systematic registration parts of a Draft National Strategy for Systematic and Sporadic registration for the ANCPI (hereafter “the draft strategy”). To develop innovative and affordable solutions for systematic registration that are feasible, sustainable and socially inclusive. To provide review and recommendations on:

  • Regulatory framework;
  • Work load quantification;
  • Prioritization criteria and options;
  • Process review and optimization;
  • Costing;
  • Field office logistics;
  • Identification of financing options and mechanisms;
  • Proposed strategy;
  • Implementation plan.
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