Review of the iQoliqoli (Fishing Ground) Compensation Policy

Project details




Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, Fiji

Project Timeframe

July - October 2010

Key Services

Governance, Policy & Institutional Strengthening

Land Administration

Valuation & Taxation

Provided an in-depth assessment of the existing iQoliqoli (fishing grounds) compensation mechanism.

Project narrative

The main objective of the review was to provide an in-depth assessment of the existing iQoliqoli (fishing grounds) compensation mechanism. This involved determining the relevance of the iQoliqoli compensation guideline in relation to the current development trends, considering the constraints, bottlenecks, and other ‘grey areas’, and exploring ways to ensure dealings between iQoliqoli rights owners and developers is fair and just to both parties. The review looked at the operational processes, assessment and determination of compensation and relevance of the existing iQoliqoli Compensation Policy in view of current development trends.

Key services provided

LEI provided a valuation and property rights specialist & foreshore and seabed rights expert who:

  • Reviewed compensation policy, met and consulted with key stakeholders, undertook comparative studies with NZ and Canada, developed & recommended policy options and helped develop consultation strategies and methodologies, compiled results and assisted with preparing the Progress Report and the Final Report.

Furthermore, LEI provided a land law/customary tenure expert who:

  • Reviewed relevant Acts and Regulations, assisted with developing policy options, consulted with stakeholders, compiled the Progress Report and assisted with compiling the Final Report.
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