Transformative Land Investment

Project details


Lao PDR, Myanmar


The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Project Timeframe

January 2022 - June 2025

Key Services

Gender, Community & Inclusion

Governance, Policy & Institutional Strengthening

Project Design, Monitoring & Evaluation

The project seeks to promote a paradigmatic shift towards Transformative Land Investment (TLI). TLI helps countries advance on a multitude of food systems dimensions, as outlined in SDC’s Global Program on Food Security.

The project’s overall goal is to contribute to more sustainable food systems, with gender-sensitive and socially inclusive improvements in land tenure security, livelihoods, resilience and ecosystem health, among populations focusing efforts in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Ghana, Laos, Myanmar during 2022-2025. It focuses on three interrelated pathways: (1) investors; (2) the national business ecosystem; and (3) the global and regional development community. Systems transformation for TLI requires multi-tiered approaches that change investor practices and enabling environments at all levels to promote and incentivize transformation.

The ultimate project beneficiaries are marginalized, and vulnerable rural communities, that are materially affected by private sector agriculture and forestry investments. The project will enhance food, nutritional and tenure security, especially of women and young people, and empower farmer and indigenous women and men in agricultural and forestry value chains.

CIFOR will lead the project, with support from partners SNV, LEI, ICRAF and RECOFTC.

For this project, LEI is focusing on Lao PDR and Myanmar. The scope of LEI’s assignment is as follows:

  • Develop and pilot toolkit for promoting and mainstreaming TLI and TLI national enabling environments
  • Conduct targeted annual appraisals of enabling environment for TLI in Laos
  • Support capacity development of state and civil society across the project
  • Identify BTL investor and civil society resource, capacity and partnership needs and perform matchmaking/brokering and partnership formation activities with the value network as developed for Myanmar and Laos community of practice establishment
  • Liaison with national and regional donors, governments, alliances and project in Laos and across Asian region
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