Development of ICT Strategy and Technical Quality Review of Lao LandReg

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Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Land

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December 2021 - June 2022

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Land Administration

Governance, Policy & Institutional Strengthening

Land Systems

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Lands (DoL) needs to modernize service delivery and improve land-related databases to ensure up-to-date and accurate land and property ownership systems are in place. The World Bank, through the project funds for the "Enhancing Systematic Land Registration Project" are supporting DoL system upgrades.

The overarching project objective is to accelerate and scale-up systematic land registration and modernize land services, which is predicated upon the application and deployment of information communication technology (ICT) to improve the land information infrastructure and enhance service delivery.

The supporting Lao Land Registry (LLREG) aims to support property registration and a seamless operating environment capturing new registrations and transactions on existing properties. This consultancy focuses on future LLREG functionality, efficiencies, and financial viability to ensure long term sustainability. A 10-year strategy will therefore be prepared based on the initial audit of the LLREG and various systems deployed throughout the Provincial and District offices.

Options for efficiency gains, improvements, standardization and sustainable deployment of ICT within the Laos land sector will offer the possibility of enhanced land-based services and improved tenure security to the citizens of Lao PDR.

The services provided by the LEI team include:

  • Inception and Desktop Technical Quality Audit: The Audit will consist of two work streams: (i) Analysis of Source Code and (ii) Analysis of Lao LandReg (LLREG) Architecture; with the purpose of defining the best analysis tools, refinement of the methodology for reviewing software quality and a review of internal quality characteristics including reviews of specification documents, available system, and user documentation, checking models, static analysis of source code, etc. The audit will be a strategic review of LLREG, drawing upon the most relevant aspects of ISO 9126.
  • Completion of Technical Quality Audit: This will involve the review of the external quality characteristics and ‘quality in use’ – including characteristics of effectiveness, productivity, safety, and satisfaction. In-situ analysis of software properties interacting within the operational environment as well as viewing business processes in operation and reviewing organisational characteristics and infrastructure will be documented. The Audit Report detail the quality of the application and supporting software as determined by analysis and testing.
  • Development of ICT Strategy and Action Plan: The assessment will take on a business focus of the LLREG, reviewing institutional arrangements, business and development priorities and strategies of DoL, MONRE and the Government of Laos. The ICT Strategy and the 3–5-year Action Plan will be developed by undertaking a strategic business process review and identifying opportunity for simplification within the legal framework; reviewing system functional and non-functional specs; assessing the data model for LADM compliance; assessing the existing ICT context, and recommending opportunities for hardware and communication line improvements; reviewing institutional, organizational and human capacity with a focus on sustainability; identifying key risks and mitigations.
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