Land Reform Review and Design

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark

Project Timeframe

March 2011

Key Services

Land Administration

Map current land reform programs and activities and identify possible activities which could further strengthen efforts in Tanzania.

Project Narrative

The objective of the consultancy was to map the programs and activities working with land reform/land rights issues in Tanzania and identify possible activities which could further strengthen land reform efforts in Tanzania.

This work built on a conference on land rights held with Hernando de Soto in Copenhagen in October 2010.

Key services provided

(1) An overview of land reform efforts and achievements related to the topics identified at the Copenhagen conference.

(2) An overview of the main programmes addressing land reform issues in Tanzania including BEST, Mkurabita, Hakiardhi, Action Aid etc.

(3) Identified possible scenarios for supplementary future Danida support (approximately 2 million USD), preferably building on existing support to Danida Partners.

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