Land Management and Administration Project

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World Bank

Project Timeframe

July - November 2000

Key Services

Project Design, Monitoring & Evaluation

Governance, Policy & Institutional Strengthening

Land Administration

Formulation and adoption of a comprehensive land policy framework.

Project Narrative

The mission had the following objectives: (1) to agree on and initiate a government-led participatory process for the formulation and adoption of a comprehensive land policy framework; (2) to identify a project for World Bank financing as well as other project proposals that other donors could finance; and (3) to agree on a detailed time table and arrangements for preparing the project to be funded by the World Bank and possibly co-financed by other interested donors.

Key project services

Specialist land titling and land administration input into the fact-finding mission and interviews with key stakeholders. Participation and facilitation in a two-day workshop with key stakeholders from the public sector, private sector, NGOs, donors. Preparation of detailed terms of reference for project preparation. Detailed review of the draft Land Law and the legislative framework for land administration. Preparation of a menu of possible project interventions and a preliminary logframe for a possible World Bank-funded land management and administration project. In a subsequent visit, prepare a draft project concept document in Bank format.

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