Rapid Urban Assessment

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Sri Lanka


Asian Development Bank

Project Timeframe

November - December 2011

Key Services

Governance, Policy & Institutional Strengthening

Research & Analysis

Land Administration

LEI were commissioned for the first strategic urban assessment for Sri Lanka.

Project Narrative

In November 2011, the ADB launched its Urban Operations Plan (UOP) for which Prof. Roberts had a significant input. The plan focused on sustainable and integrated ways for the ADB to improve the approaches to support economic and infrastructure development, management and capacity building in Asian cities. The intent was that urban projects funded by the ADB should support the three strategic goals of: economic, environmental and equitable (3E’s) development. The ADB conducted a series of country integrated urban sustainability assessment studies to develop strategic options for its county program strategies. These strategies involved investment in urban local economic infrastructure, capacity building, urban governance, and management reforms in developing member countries.

Key services provided

The three key phases of the first strategic urban assessment for Sri Lanka were analysis, strategy, and action. Within these, there were five steps following a process as outlined. In Chapter 2, urban realities and patterns of urbanization were identified. These realities were assessed against goals set out in key policies and strategic documents in Chapter 3. Based on the analysis, Chapter 4 laid out an urban vision based on the potential opportunities for ADB to assist in urban development. Urban priorities were identified in Chapter 5. The existing growth hub of Colombo, three potential focal urban-growth regions, (Galle in the south, Jaffna in the north and Trincomalee in the north east) and one special growth centre (Mannar) in the north west were identified in the report as targets for the ADB’s urban sector program of activities under the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS). Strategic sectoral priorities for key urban regions were identified. Finally, policy and programming action was recommended around the three ADB partnership pillars and a targeted investment program was recommended based on the 3E investment framework.

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