Support to a Municipal Cadastral Service Center (CSC)

Project details




Dupnitsa Registar Imoti

Project Timeframe

May 2011 - January 2012

Key Services

Land Administration

Governance, Policy & Institutional Strengthening

Supported the establishment of a land information system at the Municipal Office of Dupnitsa, Bulgaria.

Project narrative

The objective of this Project was to establish a land information system (LIS) at the Municipal Office of Dupnitsa in Bulgaria to form a core system for the operation of a new Cadastral Service Center (CSC). The LIS enabled the integration of existing data from the Cadastre and Registry and supported the office and field validation of the data so that property rights were clear and information about property rights was readily accessible. The end objective of the CSC was to better serve the people in their various cadastral registration and information purposes. A second, and later objective, was to better allow the functions of the municipal government itself to perform its tasks through easy and fast online access to up to date cadastral data and also GIS tools for such tasks as physical planning, and revenue generation. A further objective of the LIS and the CSC concept was to evaluate the innovation for the possible replication into other municipalities.

Key services provided

LEI provided consultancy services to assist tasks and develop solutions for the following :

  • Overall system design
  • Quality assurance over system development and testing
  • Design assistance with system development
  • Advice on equipment specifications and assistance with procurement selection
  • Development of GIS and documentation of procedures
  • Training in GIS
  • Monitoring of system effectiveness and provision of recommendations for future scaling up
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