Technical Assistance and Recommendations for Digitalization of Land Administration in Lao PDR

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World Bank

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November 2022 - December 2023

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Land Systems

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Land Administration

Consistent with its strategies for poverty reduction, promoting economic growth and good governance, the GoL has initiated a set of policy and legal reforms to address land administration challenges in the country. As part of the efforts to improve governance, emphasis is being placed on the delivery of key services such as land administration through a large Enhanced Systematic Land Registration Program (ESLRP).

Central to the delivery of ELSRP, a key component will be a modern, effective, and cohesive land information system to register properties and transactions that, utilises the latest digital technologies; facilitates ease of processing; provides easy access to service channels and an enhanced customer experience; as well as complying with and integrating broader e-government strategies and ambitions.  The Consulting Assignment will support the GoL in preparing for digitalization of land administration by assessing the current use of information technology in daily operations and by providing recommendations based on international best practices.

Specifically, the Consulting Assignment will conduct desktop, office and field-based consultations to review the situation of the systematic and subsequent registration process. Simultaneously the team will assess the current systems and options for internal and external integration of land administration services for a national land information system (LIS). For the recommendations a capacity assessment is also planned to ensure there are resources and sustainability for implementation in Lao PDR. The consultancy will produce:

  • A technical assessment and recommendations for digitalization of the systematic land registration process considering the rapid acceleration required and inherent capacity in Lao PDR;
  • A technical assessment and recommendations for digitalization and re-engineering the business processes related to subsequent land administration services;
  • Recommendations for the development of the national LIS;
  • Technical assessment and recommendations for integration of LIS and land administration system to national e-government system; and
  • A capacity development plan for enhanced use of digital technologies.
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